I am a French-Australian writer and filmmaker working in New York City. Having graduated with a BFA in Film & Television at New York University in December 2018, I am pursuing a career that connects film and journalism.

Research for my creative essay on Australia’s refugee policy, “The Nineteenth Language,” resulted in my joining a successful Freedom of Information request against the Australian government and being published as part of NYU’s Mercer Street to be studied by first year students.


I have worked in the production, development and acquisitions, sales, and management teams at leading, independent fiction and non-fiction media companies. These include Cinetic Media (BoyhoodRBG), Bungalow Media + Entertainment (The Panama Papers), and Madoff Productions, where I was promoted from Intern to Producer, Lead Writer and Lead Researcher on a five-part documentary series about Silicon Valley (in pre-production).


In Sydney, I attended the Australian Film, Television & Radio School and graduated high school with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 99.25, placing me in the top 0.75 percent of the nation's students. As a student, I have studied independent producing, feature film writing and production, journalism, and art criticism in Berlin.

I am always looking for new collaborators.

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