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Memories take shape as refugee, journalist, and architect Elahe Zivardar revisits six years of brutal detention by constructing a photo-realistic 3D simulation of Australia’s infamous Nauru Regional Processing Centre. Drawing from the stark testimonies of other detainees and the latest trove of never-before-seen footage from inside the prison, Architect uncovers the built systems of migrant and refugee detention by charting a visceral, poetic course through the architecture of torture, trauma, and healing

Wreath Hot Films Spring 2021 Transparency.png

Directed by Jaydn Ray Gosselin & Elahe Zivardar
Produced by Jaydn Ray Gosselin, Jacob Fertig & Mehran Ghadiri

Executive Produced by Elahe Zivardar, Charlotte Cook (Field of Vision), Madeleine Hitherto-Miau (Media Stockade) & Rebecca Barry (Media Stockade)

Edited by Jaydn Ray Gosselin
3D Modeling by Elahe Zivardar

Made with the support of Field of Vision, Doc Society, Amnesty International Australia, NYU Production Lab, and over 1,200 individual donors.

With thanks to the Australian International Documentary Conference.

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A production of Denizen Studios.

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